Acoustic Bass Project ...

We have come full circle with the Acoustic Bass Project for the Ziibiwing Center in Mt Pleasant MI. After working on the prototype, we are now on the final finishing of this beautifully figured Walnut/ Bearclaw Sitka Spruce Bass. Here are pictures taken before the filler & final finish spray.

You can see the inspiration for the rosette taken from pottery "A Woodland Floral" to honor the special hands that painted it. Can hardly wait to share pics of the fingerboard where we drew its inspiration from this same pottery collection.

Bill Wise

Charis Acoustic, 2356 Delta Rd, Bay City, MI, 48706, United States

Music and craftsmanship are a big part of Bill's heritage. His father and grandfather are both excellent craftsmen and mechanical designers, and his mother's family exudes artistic and musical talent. So in 1996, while searching for a new guitar to satisfy his desire for a high quality fingerstyle instrument, those who knew of Bill's talent and ability suggested that he build his own. After stringing up his first instrument and hearing the clarity and beauty of its music, he decided luthierie must become a full time pursuit. Charis Acoustic was born! The demanding skills and attention to detail required to design and build a superior guitar are not new to Bill. During his 15 years in the engineering profession, he was recognized on a number of occasions for his outstanding work in the industry, including: Receiving grants for seven United States Patents Receiving three defensive publications Being selected by the GM President's Council as one of the top 100 individuals of General Motors in 1995 Receiving the prestigious Charles "Boss" Kettering award from Delphi Delco Electronics Systems in 1995 Being inducted into the Delphi Automotive Innovation Hall of fame in 1999. With such a rich combination of genetics, family influence, and education it's no wonder Bill has found his way to this unique pursuit.