Everyone wants to hear the story behind the wood that goes into their guitar. Everyone clamors for a story of how and why a certain guitar was built. Even yet, does the builder have a phenomenal background story?

Does the story behind the wood create a magical sound for that guitar unlike any other? Does a story of how and why that guitar was built make that guitar's sound mesmerize all that see and hear it? What background story of a builder ordains him to create the greatest guitar in the history of mankind?

We Believe that -

You create the story; You create the memories and tell the story with your songs; You make the guitar something to be passed on to those you love for future generations.

We do our part -

With just one man; smart, very detailed, & creative; with two uniquely talented hands for designing and developing your treasured keepsake guitar. Bill's scrupulous attention to detail and design, with a constant search for creating innovative ideas and solutions has been poured into consistent craftsmanship of the Charis guitar.

Now take your Charis - make memories - create your story!

Thank you for all of your hard work in building me a fantastic guitar! The combination of the sinker redwood top, the abalone inlay, and the ebony & cocobolo is stunning. It plays like a dream. If you were in my profession, I have no doubt you’d be a general officer.

-DF, Brigadier General, USAF Commander