Charis Limited Lifetime Warranty

After you take ownership of your Charis instrument, you, as the original owner, are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Charis Acoustic upon notice of any defect will repair or replace, at its option, any defective part or material. The owner shall assume and pay the cost of all shipping or postage charges of the repaired guitar. Damage incurred by misuse, accidents, normal wear or natural cracking of wood or finishes due to changes in temperature and humidity, is not covered under this warranty. Unauthorized repairs or alterations may void this warranty. Hardware not manufactured by Charis Acoustic, such as pick-up systems and cases, are subject to the warranty of the original manufacturer.

Warranty for Charis Acoustic instruments made with Brazilian Rosewood will not be honored if the instrument is outside the US. Charis Acoustic will not repair and return any Brazilian Rosewood instruments from outside the US. Please call or email for a return authorization before returning any guitar to Charis Acoustic.

This is the sole warranty of Charis Acoustic. No other written or oral warranty applies.