Charis Crafted Tuner Buttons

Installation Instructions

please note: this video shows installation of Gotoh 510 Standard Buttons. It also applies to the installation of the Taylor and gotoh Mini buttons.


(You will reuse the screws from your original tuners with your replacement buttons.)


1 -Loosen tension on the tuning machine. There is no need to completely slack the string, just take a little tension off the machine.

2 -Make a mental note of how the original machine feels when rotating the tuning button.

3 -Remove the screw in the end of the button & remove the original button.

(CautionBe careful not to lose any of the several (4 or 5) washers between the button and the machine. The last ones tend to stick to the button and fall on the floor where they are easily lost.)

4 -Place the new button on the machine & tighten the screw until the rotation of the new button feels generally the same as that noted in step 2 above.
Do Not Over Tighten The Screw.