I avoid calling my instruments “hand crafted” or “custom”. “Hand crafted” implies use of hand tools only, and “custom” implies making any desired instrument shape, size or style. I prefer to call them “personally crafted”.  It is my experience and personal preferences that result in the design, tools, and methods that make a Charis. 

I enjoy all kinds of tools. One of my favorite tools in the shop is my 1950’s Oliver shaper. It is a great tool with lots of cast iron that will last my lifetime and beyond. There is nothing nicer than using a sharp chisel. But, the accuracy and repeatability achieved in my instruments and fixtures that come from the use of 3D design, laser cutting, and CNC machining is indispensable in my opinion. You would not enjoy playing a Charis made only with hand tools, and I would not enjoy building it. If you are looking for an instrument made only with hand tools and hide glue, you may need to seek another luthier.


Sparkle and bling is not something found in my instruments. There are no social or architectural statements in them. The natural look of wood is what I prefer. However, there are two relatively new features that I feel are enhancements to the instrument, the sound port and arm bevel. The shape of the Small Jumbo body has a nice tradition and visual appeal. It is large enough to have good low end qualities without being boomy, yet small enough to be easy to play. When you add the arm bevel and sound port the instrument becomes very comfortable to play and a joy for the player to hear.