The Crafting of a Charis Acoustic Guitar


Rather than using the term "hand built", Bill prefers the term "personally crafted". Whether he makes a cut with a chisel or with a program he designs for the CNC, the final decision for where and how the cut needs to be performed rests in his hands.

With both high and low tech methods being utilized to create a Charis, computer aided modeling is used to help design the guitars and ensure all aspects of the instrument are addressed in terms of quality and play-ability. A CNC Router is used to machine many of the guitar parts that must be duplicated with absolute precision. This process is where Bill's engineering expertise and the influence of his father's superior design and machine skills are highly valuable to the overall process.

Bill chooses to use his passion, strengths, and unique skills - whether by hand or with the computer to create the most God honoring instruments that he possibly can. Based on client feedback and the smiles that appear when a Charis instrument is being played, his craftsmanship speaks for itself.


"Though the CNC is extremely useful, the final touches are done by hand and by ear to ensure every piece of wood is being used to its potential. This allows ME to test and measure the final results with an acute level of attention to every detail."  - Bill

The guitar arrived today right on schedule. I choked up when I opened it. Bill this guitar is just breath taking. It’s everything that I could hope that it would be and to say that I am pleased would be an understatement. It’s such a dream to play that I can actually play things on it that I could not pull off on my other guitar.