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We Believe that -

You make the guitar great; You create the memories and tell the story with your songs, touching the lives of those around you. That is what makes your guitar great, something to be passed on to those you love for future generations. It is your connection with the guitar that makes it great.

Making Great Guitars?
Making Guitars Great? -

What makes a guitar great? Wood choices, construction methods, component tuning, quality finishes, precision setups? How about an artist's endorsement, wood from a specific region of the world or even from a specific tree? At Charis Acoustic, we don't believe any of these things are what makes a guitar great.



What is our job at Charis Acoustic? -

We make a box with strings. Well, okay, it's a little more than that. With over 20 years' experience and more than 450 personally crafted instruments, you can be sure your Charis will be constructed with quality woods, impeccable craftsmanship, beautiful finish, and a precision setup. Our attention to detail and design will be evident in the crafting of your Charis guitar.

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Now get your Charis - make memories - create your story!