Caring For Your Charis Guitar

Protect your guitar by keeping it in its case when hazards are present (ex. small children or pets)



High and low humidity are the enemies of a guitar. Your Charis is built in an environment where the humidity is held between 40% and 50%.

When your guitar is exposed to low humidity (below 40%) the shrinkage of the wood across its grain will affect the play-ability of the guitar. When the guitar dries out, the action will drop and the guitar may buzz when played. This lowering of action and buzzing is a warning sign that your guitar may be getting too dry. In severe cases (below 30% to 35%) the shrinkage can cause the wood to split. We highly recommend purchasing a humidifier for your guitar. They are available at most guitar shops. A few dollars spent now may eliminate costly damage in the future.

When your guitar is exposed to high humidity (above 60%) the swelling of the wood across the grain will affect the play-ability of the guitar. When the guitar swells the action will raise causing the guitar to be harder to play. This swelling of the wood may cause distortions in the smooth surfaces of the guitar which may not be completely eliminated when the guitar is returned to normal humidity conditions.


Finish Care

Do not use abrasive cleaners or polishes on your guitar finish. Use only cleaners designed for guitar finishes. Your Charis is polished with "Virtuoso Premium Polish" before it leaves the shop. Most of the time simply wiping with a clean soft cloth, such as the Charis cloth that accompanies your instrument, will be sufficient to keep the finish looking great. Avoid products that contain Silicon, as it will make any future refinish work much more difficult.


"After playing the guitar here at home I can tell you this guitar is more than I ever thought was possible. I love it and can't stop playing it. I have never played anything like this guitar before and I have played them all." -KM