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Meet the Artists Playing Charis



Meet the artists playing charis

Kenny Loggins

“Since I hurt my shoulder, my Ultra Light Charis Guitar has been a godsend. Bill custom-handcrafted the lightest guitar I’ve ever played, weighing in at only three pounds! Yet amazingly, it’s also one of the best sounding guitars I own, very effectively going from the road to the studio! I couldn’t be more pleased.” -KL

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Scott Bernard

I am astounded at the comfort, feel, and overall playability of my Charis Guitars. Not to mention beautiful balanced tone that sounds great from the studio, small room to large stages. After almost 15 years of playing Charis Guitars, I'm still thrilled at how my creative juices start to flow when I pick one up." -SB

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Michael Card

"[My Charis guitar] has passed the most critical test, it gets even better with age. Bill Wise is building one of the finest guitars in America."

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Barney Betka

"This guitar is truly an inspiration. The harmonics are sweet, the sound is full and it is truly beautiful to look at. You build incredible guitars."

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Mike Pachelli

"Charis Acoustic is the most organically responsive guitar I have ever played. I will always Cherish my Charis!"

Mike sent us a link playing on YouTube. Noting -"Here's a bit I did on my Charis and made her sound jazz manouche. She's aging nicely."

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Steve Devries

"I fell in love with the Charis personality and would come back to one, in particular…even after shooting videos all day on some other really great handmade guitars."