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Scott Bernard

"This guitar has been a Godsend. It really does have it all, playability, beautiful tone, and looks like a dream."

Click here to see Scott's artist interview.



Barney betka

"This guitar is truly an inspiration. The harmonics are sweet, the sound if full and it is truly beautiful to look at. You build incredible guitars."


jimmy Deheno

 See Jimmy playing his Charis here.




michael card

"[My Charis guitar] has passed the most critical test, it gets even better with age. Bill Wise is building one of the finest guitars in America."


steve devries

"I fell in love with the Charis personality and would come back to one, in particular…even after shooting videos all day on some other really great handmade guitars." 

See Steve's artist interview here.


jb davies

See JB playing his Charis here.




mike pachelli

"The Charis acoustic is the most organically responsive guitar I have ever played. I will always Cherish my Charis!"

See Mike's artist interview here.

Artist Interviews

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