"I can tell that Bill takes pride in each guitar that he builds. It is a stunning guitar.
It truly sounds amazing."

We Spoke with Scott Bernard, singer-songwriter & guitarist for artists such as Kenny Loggins, Mark Schultz, and Natalie Grant.


CA: When did you start playing guitar?
SB: I started at 9 years old. I wanted to play in my brother Reed's band, so I asked my brother Kent to teach me some chords.

CA: What were some of your earlier experiences playing?
SB: Family jams in the living room. We would play Beatles tunes, 70's AM radio hits. It was normal in our house to see the living room couch pushed aside to make room for gear on Friday nights. The whole neighborhood would come by and hang out and listen. Everybody in my family was musical. GREAT memories!

CA: What was your development as a player like?
SB: Started on drums at 5. Like I said before, guitar at 9. Learned radio hits in my first band, "Rainbow" (not THAT Rainbow), which really helped develop my ear. We played everything. Disco, Country, Rock, Pop. Covered Toto, Kansas, Kiss, Eagles, James Taylor, etc. We played skating rinks, wedding receptions, you name it. We would make maybe 25.00 bucks a weekend (not bad for a 9 year old in the late 70's!) And I'd spend it all on new records. There was a time when every new record I'd get, I would learn the whole thing from top to bottom. I felt like I had to.

CA: What projects are you currently working on?
SB: Constantly writing, and recording new songs. One of these days I'll be coming out with a solo record. I've been really busy with Kenny Loggins. We are gearing up for a new tour this year. We are doing more acoustic songs this time around. I'd say half the show is acoustic. Kenny and I are also in the middle of writing a few songs and we are busy demoing those. a lot on my plate. And I'm thankful.

CA: Any albums readers should check out? 
SB: Hopefully Kenny's new record for Disney will be released soon. I'm proud of the work we did on that one.

CA: What musicians have you worked with in the past?
SB: I've been blessed to work with Mark Schultz, Adam Nitti, Nicole C. Mullen, Chely Wright, Shannon Brown, Katrina Elam, Avalon, Natalie Grant, among others.

CA: How did you discover Charis Acoustic Guitars?
SB: I saw an Ad "Christian Musician" magazine. 

CA: What Charis model do you play? 
SB: Small Jumbo w/ a sharp cutaway, not sure of the model number. It's a small jumbo Florentine cutaway with Rosewood back and sides, Sitka Spruce Top with flamed maple binding, 5 piece neck, ebony fret-board with no inlay on the neck. (I love that look)

CA: How would you describe the tone of your Charis Acoustic?
SB: Very balanced. Hardly needs EQ when mic'd. I've had engineers email me back when mixing a track that I used it on and ask, "What brand acoustic was that again? Sounds amazing!" Kenny always takes a second look when he hears my guitar on stage. It truly sounds amazing.

CA: How would you best describe the craftsmanship/aesthetics of your Charis Acoustic?
SB: Attention to detail! I can tell that Bill takes pride in each guitar that he builds. It really shows up in the little things. It is a stunning guitar.

CA: What style of music do you play with your Charis?
SB: All styles, seriously. Fingerpicking, soft strumming, hard strumming, Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, you name it. Just the Kenny Loggins gig alone covers most of that! As the guitarist for Kenny, I have to wear a lot of hats.

CA: How would you compare Charis Acoustic Guitars to other high-end guitars, both handmade acoustics and high-end manufacturers?
SB: Well, I would pick a Charis over high end manufacturers that are "mass produced" any day. I also think Charis is up there with the best of the best in handmade guitars.