The Mission of Charis Acoustic

Charis Acoustic guitars are personally crafted steel string guitars. Charis instruments offer traditional styling and construction combined with exceptional tone, clarity, playability, and beauty. The Charis Acoustic mission is to provide its customers with the finest quality, personally crafted guitars available.

CHARIS (pronounced like the words "character" and "charisma") is a Greek word which means GRACE. The word "grace" can have many meanings (agility, dexterity, balance, harmony). However, Charis Acoustic was not formed with any of these specific ideas in mind - although it is hoped that they will apply to each instrument. The idea behind the choice of the name comes from my ever-increasing amazement at the GRACE OF GOD. Grace that allows one as undeserving as me to be a child of God. This relationship was made possible when Jesus Christ died to make me right with God. It is this grace that inspired the name Charis Acoustic. It is my hope that each instrument will, in some way, be used by God to draw people to his amazing grace. This is my motivation to create fine instruments. If I can be of any assistance in your search for peace with God, please don't hesitate to contact me.